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PVC Next Vista Endcap

$ 25.99

This end cap features a licensed Next G1 Vista™ Pattern. Perfect for the hunter and outdoorsmen. Next G1 Vista combines multi-directional photo realistic elements with a well balanced blend of natural Green and Brown elements including a mix of oak leaves and pine branches, over a neutral base of grey-toned limb and tree elements. Use with a matching vinyl tube film for an incredible concealment and beauty.

  • Molded PVC End Caps for 4”, 6”, 8 and 10” Schedule 40 standard or DWV Pipe.
  • Designed and manufactured exclusively for vehicles using PVC tubes.
  • Camo pattern features an automotive grade clear coat in your choice of gloss or matte finish.
  • Covers existing holes from most previous assemblies.
  • Permanent PVC bonding with conventional PVC primer and cement.
  • Weather resistant.

Vinyl Film Wraps

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