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Durable Camo-Patterned Doors and Caps for Schedule 40 PVC Pipe

Set your truck or ATV apart with these camo-patterned tube doors, ideal for sportsmen and tradesmen, alike. These secure and functional doors and caps provide the ultimate closure system for tube storage. Quickly convert PVC pipe into functional, secure storage tubes for sporting equipment, tools, instruments and materials. Installation is easy, with molded PVC rings. Product goes from carton to pipe in seconds.

Camo patterns are applied to doors and end caps using the latest technology, printing graphics to three-dimensional objects. Patterns are further enhanced and protected with an automotive grade clear coat in your choice of gloss or matte finish.

Now Available: Camo-patterned vinyl films are now available in 5ft and 8ft lengths for 4", 6" 8" and 10" diameter PVC Pipes. (For longer lengths, please call for details.) This allows you to wrap your Schedule 40 pipe to match your door!

Complete line of plain doors, end caps and hardware for Schedule 40 PVC Pipe

In need of a basic option? We also offer a complete line of plain doors, end caps and hardware. Also known as Conduit Carrier Kits, they are the ideal storage systems for materials tools and instruments.

Reviewed by Kayak Angler magazine

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